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We dont have 46 diferent strains from Ch9-female in our online marijuana seeds store . Please check list of available seeds bellow:

Afghan Haze 33 stock:Available
Afghani Milk stock:Available
Aroma stock:Available
Auto Smokey stock:Available
Blue Lemon Thai stock:Available
Bubba Kush 33 stock:Available
California stock:Available
Chemdog x Vintage 2006 stock:Available
Citral Skunk stock:Available
Cluster stock:Available
Commercial stock:Available
Critical Mass 33 stock:Available
Double X stock:Available
FG13 stock:Available
Flower stock:Available
G Bolt Flower stock:Available
Green Bud stock:Available
Gryphon 33 stock:Available
Hashgirl stock:Available
Hashplant stock:Available
Hashplant G13 x Vintage 2006 stock:Available
Herijuana Jack 33 stock:Available
Humboldt stock:Available
Humboldt x Ersb stock:Available
Jack stock:Available
Jack 33 stock:Available
Kush Autoflower stock:Available
Long Haze stock:Available
Mendocino stock:Available
NL5 Haze Jack 33 stock:Available
P.O.W 33 stock:Available
Pineapple stock:Available
Power Plant stock:Available
Pure Hashplant stock:Available
Quicker stock:Available
Red Colombian Haze stock:Available
Super Haze stock:Available
Tangerine stock:Available
Toxic Blue 33 stock:Available
Uzbekistan stock:Available
Vantage stock:Available
Vintage 2006 stock:Available
Warlock x Vintage 2006 stock:Available
White stock:Available
White Shark 33 stock:Available
Yumbolt x Vintage 2006 stock:Available